Halloween Devilish Date Ideas

this article gives you ideas for a halloween date


Halloween Devilish Date Ideas

Have some frisky fun this Halloween

-Carrie Seim

fall dateHalloween has always been the sexy stepchild of holidays. Unlike cuddly Thanksgiving, romantic Christmas or love-struck New Year’s, Thanksgiving is the provence of the naughty. It demands tawdry wickedness. It requires the provocative macabre. It insists you explore your spooky sultriness.

So instead of fighting the dark side, go with it! Grab a devilish date and indulge in some illicit haunting. Boo ha ha ha ha ha!!

Frisky Fears

Think back to your playground years – remember how much boys love terrorizing girls? And remember how much you squealed with delight? Well, it’s time to turn the tables and wear the scary pants in your relationship. Invite your guy to watch a spooky flick. Ask him to pop some corn or grab a beer. Then hide behind the couch with a frightening mask, a giant spider or your 401K balance sheet. Wait for his scared stock-less squeals. Sure, you might scar him for life. But it’ll get his blood pumping – and isn’t that the point of any good date?

Deadly Art

Is the man in your life freaking about the status of your relationship? Give him something to really terrify him. Explore your local art museum or “Dia de los Muertos” event for some delightfully dark art celebrating the other side. Macabre murals and spooky skeleton figurines put a little perspective on things. Because nothing scares men more than facing their own mortality.

Give Him A Ride

Why not arrange an old-fashioned pumpkin patch hayride date? (If you’re a city mouse, try an old-fashioned pumpkin patch taxicab date to the Halloween section at CVS.) Moonlight, pumpkins, a bed of hay (or a bed of pleather carseat covering) … all the ingredients for some wicked womance!

Naughty Carvings

Carving a jack-o-lantern with your best beau can feel downright wholesome. Why not spice up the sexy quotient with some naughty carvings. Trace erotic designs on your pumpkin’s pumpkin and have at it! See who can carve the smuttiest squash or prurient pumpkin. Tip: might want to keep your design competition private, unless you want the neighbors joining in your Project Pumpkin party. (Hey, it’s Halloween – we’re not judging!)

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