Hanging with the Exes

A woman asks why men think it's OK to hang around their ex-girlfriends.


The Exes

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why do guys think it is OK to hang out with an ex-girlfriend without telling their significant other? My friend’s fiancé has two exes whom he constantly hangs out with on his down time. He told my friend about it once or twice and then stopped because she started giving him a hard time. She has expressed that she would rather hear it from him than to have him lie to her about it. How can she make him realize how much it hurts her when he lies, and how can she help him get over his obvious fear of confrontation?

Avery: Every situation with an ex is different, but it’s very understandable that your friend’s uncomfortable with that situation. You should suggest to your friend that she be invited out when her significant other meets up with his ex girlfriends. Maybe if she does this, he won’t find it exciting anymore to see them. If there’s nothing going on between him and his exes, he shouldn’t have a problem with his current girlfriend being there. Additionally, she should tell him very seriously how uncomfortable she is with this.

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