Happy Halloween from Mean Betty

Boo! What's scarier than some of our regular old celebs? Why, those regular old celebs in costume!
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Happy Halloween from Mean Betty

Boo! What’s scarier than some of our regular old celebs? Why, those regular old celebs in costume!

-Mean Betty


Hello dear ones! Isn’t it lovely of our celebrity friends to provide us entertainment all year round and then go that extra mile on Halloween? Most of them don’t need to bother changing their schedules or appearances to qualify as freaky – but they do anyway! Now that’s dedication.

Here are Mean Betty’s favorite four celebrities who really are pulling out all the stops this year:

And the Winner for Creepiest Costume: Octomom!

Just when you though she couldn’t get any creepier …

Though Mean Betty must say – at first glance she thought perhaps that photo above was Saint Angelina Jolie on her latest mission.

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Really dears, whatever will Octomom (or her producers … whatever) think of next? Surely she’s on the Catholic Church’s top 10 Most Wanted list by now. Fourteen babies out of wedlock and now this?

Seriously kittens, wouldn’t you get the fright of your life if you opened your door on Halloween to see …


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0 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Mean Betty

  1. kitty says:

    Octomom .. OMG. Seriously. All those little devil babies!!

  2. deborah says:

    My four year old son just looked at the Octomom photo and said “all those little devil babies in a push car.”

  3. amber_gurl says:

    Really Octomom!? Really!? As if she needed to be any more ridiculous!

  4. sugarandspice says:

    Mean Betty u r hilarious! lolz…better go get some activia!

  5. bryony1 says:

    L. Lohan may have a Monroe obsession, but not on her best days does she look anything like her goddess. She should stop trying.

  6. alterego says:

    My 6-year-old wants to know “how does she roll the stollers?!” Good question!

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