Elvis Would Have Been 74 Today

Memories and musings about The King then and now


Elvis Would Have Been 74 Today

Memories and musings about The King then and now

-The Betty Editors

If Elvis were alive, he would turn 74 today.

It’s hard to believe, and we wonder what his life would be like if he hadn’t died so young? What kind of grandfather would he be to Lisa Marie’s four children? How would he have handled her relationship with Michael Jackson? Maybe that would have killed him instead? What would he have thought of rap music? And would he be shocked by the blatant sexuality of today’s performers when he was blasted for simply shaking his pelvis?

Interesting questions, but, of course, they’ll never be answered. Instead the world is left with his legacy and their memories of the man who changed music forever.

Most of us at Betty are, frankly, too young to have any first-hand memories of Elvis. But if we don’t have our own, our mothers and grandmothers certainly do.

Says our L.A. correspondent, Carrie:

“Unfortunately Elvis was a non-entity in our house. Except once when I was young there was some smutty Elvis life story on TV that I most definitely was NOT supposed to be watching. My mother walked in just as a scene in bed with Elvis and Priscilla came on screen. My mother kept shouting “How did they film this? She’s underage! She’s underage!”

Our editorial assistant, Joseph, probed his mother for her memories of the Jail House Rocker:

“My mother was about 9 or 10 years old when she first saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show. She recalls watching him on a black and white boob-tube with her parents. She said that it was the first time anyone ever saw any celebrity gyrate publically!

She loved the young, clean-cut Elvis. ‘He was so handsome – a real American boy!” she says. ‘I’m crazier about him now than I was back then.'”

Says April’s mother:

“He was part of my life. I could certainly recognize a handsome man and fabulous dance tunes even if I was only about 8 years old!!! He also served in the military, so he looked great in a uniform too!”

For many around the world he’s still part of their lives today – we’ve all seen the conventions of impersonators in Vegas, and of course, there are those that claim he is still, in fact, alive. Fan clubs and Web sites are abundant, and Graceland continues to draw visitors from around the world. You can even watch the live birthday celebration at Graceland today.

He had the talent, the personality, the “thing” that makes a few bright starts legendary … immortal really. We wonder who from our generation, if anyone, will make a similar impact. Honestly, we can’t think of anyone who even comes close.

Here’s one of our favorite Elvis songs performed by Elvis himself. Even if he’s not of our generation, we can certainly see why he’s still known as The King.

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Tell us, what do you (or your mother) remember about Elvis?

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  1. Personally, I recall being in middle school spending my last $10.00 from my grandmother on an Elvis tape. Yes, tape. I don’t know where that darn thing is today. Haha.

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