Have Caylee Anthony's Remains been Found?

The remains of Caylee Anthony have reportedly been found.

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Caylee Anthony’s Remains Reportedly Found

Crime scene investigation underway

-Julie Ryan Evans

Caylee AnthonyAfter a gorgeous sunny, 80-degrees yesterday, the weather today in Orlando shifted drastically and appropriately to dark, gloomy and stormy on the day it appears the remains of little Caylee Anthony have been found.

Investigators aren’t confirming the news.  But the television stations and Web sites are abuzz with news that a utility worker found the body of a female child in a garbage bag very near to the Anthony’s home.  Apparently when he picked up the bag, a small skull fell out. A gruesome detail from a gruesome story that has dragged on too long — and dragged the hearts of so many around the world along as the details painfully unravel.

While we would love the happy news that she was found alive, we’ve known for awhile how unlikely that is. So now, if closure can be had and justice be done, that’s about all we can hope for at this point.

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