He Called Me Fat!

Carrie gets pitched a dating foul ball.
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He Called Me Fat!

Carrie gets pitched a dating foul ball.

-Carrie Seim


He Called Me Fat!

Dating Foul Ball …

He called me fat!

Last week I spent many, many, many hours watching baseball with a certain boy. Even though my comprehension of ESPN programming is on par with my comprehension of Telemundo programming, I loved every second.

This is always the way at the beginning of a relationship, isn’t it? Doing anything together seems romantic. “Hey Carrie, want to clean gutters and work on tax returns? Just the two of us?” Swoon!

To be fair, the gentleman in question has taken me to world-class dinners and black-tie events, so his invitation to come over for an evening of bottled beer and baseball in our sweatpants was a refreshing change of pace. Anyone who can polish off a night of opera with some Chicken McNuggets is aces in my book.

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Everything was going swell. I curled up next to him on the couch. His team scored a run. He rubbed my feet. I poured him beer. He gamely endeavored to enlighten me on the ground rule triple as I stared into the middle distance.

That’s when – for some unearthly reason – he reached over and pinched a bit of fleshy skin on my side. He then spoke those three little words NO MAN SHOULD EVER UTTER: “What is this?”

Foul ball!!!

He looked over to me with a huge grin. It quickly faded to a “holy crap, I just screwed up big time” look of terror.

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0 thoughts on “He Called Me Fat!

  1. You can argue that he was comfortable with you and that’s why he thought he could “joke” with you. But things like “whoa, how long has it been since you went to the gym” or “wow, i remember when you used to look really hot” that those words hurt…a lot.

    I mean, we only spend about 1/4 our salary on skincare, haircare, nails, etc. to desperately hold onto our youth, can’t these guys take a hint?!

    But alas, I don’t care. Cause when I want that pint of ice cream, I am going to eat that pint of ice cream! http://bit.ly/3PimJm

  2. i totally agree with you.. iaretehsarah..
    but then again though i’m a woman.. i don’t see the big deal in that.. for me it’s just another flirting scene.. when my guy pinches my side and says what’s this.. i say “oi.. that’s my fat..” *giggles* playfully hit his arms and finds something to notice as well.. like his hair.. *what’s this? turning into a baldy are we ei?*

  3. oh please… Why do women feel that they somehow have the right to turn into a pathetic sobbing heap at the mere suggestion that they might have a little fat?

    This is a good example of a total overreaction…

  4. Here in lies a fundamental difference between the sexes. Men can joke around with other Men about being overweight, balding, even their clothes but any idiot knows you never cross the line with those topics with women. Never Ever!!! It is a good sign that he wants to spend his guy time with you instead though and felt comfortable enough to tease you. I’m sure he was teasing but Come ON’… he should know better. And to all those comments about over reacting… let’s try backing up our girl friends no matter! Support each other. Men certainly do!

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