He Proposed on Twitter!

Hear from a couple who got engaged live on Twitter yesterday!
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He Proposed on Twitter!

Hear from a couple who got engaged live on Twitter yesterday!

-Carrie Seim

Twitter proposal

Can you really ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you – using 140 characters or less? For Benny Greenberg, the answer is a big, relieved @yes. Yesterday morning he sent this tweet to his beloved:

So… @kellybax Will you Marry me?

To which @kellybax, known in the real world as Kelly Reiber, responded:

@bennygreenberg Yes, I would be honored to marry you baby!

That’s right, Benny proposed marriage over Twitter. Kelly tweeted yes. And the rest, as they say, is twistory.

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The Maryland couple first became friends about a year ago, meeting on the blogging site BlogCatalog.com. They began dating officially in May and quickly fell into what they call “soul love” with each other.

While they both have traditional jobs – Kelly, age 35, has worked in real estate settlements for 13 years and Benny, 46, is a sales director for The Memory Company – they also do social media marketing for various blogs and Web sites.

So, they tell BettyConfidential, tweeting the question just made sense.

“Due to both of our social media backgrounds, we have and share a tremendous amount of friends on Twitter,” explains Benny. “I thought, what better way to let everyone know, and surprise Kelly at the same time?”

At the time of yesterday’s twitter-posal, both Benny and Kelly were working from home, but in separate rooms. Kelly says she was expecting the proposal, “but not on Twitter! It made for a great day!”

But isn’t it um sorta weird to get proposed to over Twitter? I mean, isn’t it kind of like getting broken up with via Post-it?

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9 thoughts on “He Proposed on Twitter!

  1. LOL — mk_ultra I know what you mean. But for this couple it seems like it was super sweet — ion the context of the work they do and how involved with social media and twitter they are. To each his and her own!

    And congratulations guys!!

  2. Wow! I’m stunned! I never knew Benny and Kelly were on the verge of getting married. So, congrats to them! I have Benny and Kelly listed on nearly all of my social Networking sites. For them, it’s not so weird.

  3. I asked my (ex) wife on one knee while dining by candlelight outside at an upscale restaurant by the ocean on a warm moonlit night complete with Champange! So…yeah, I agree with most of you, it seems a bit rude. However, the article did mention they were in adjacent rooms, so I doubt it took long for them to celebrate!

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