He's Flirting with Other Women

A woman seeks advice on how to handle her boyfriend's wandering eye.


He’s Flirting with Other Women

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I recently found out that my boyfriend and an acquaintance of mine sent naked pictures of themselves to one another. My boyfriend admitted that he was wrong, and also confessed that he has been flirting with girls at bars as well as online. He said he wants to be with me, and will do anything to gain my trust back. If he loves me and wants to be with me, why would he trade naked pictures, and flirt with other girls? Does he want to be in this relationship at all?

Matt: This is red flag to me. Why does he feel that it’s okay to send naked pictures of himself to someone else when he’s in a relationship? If he’s doing these things behind your back now, I’d be cautious for the future. It seems to me that he’s insecure and likes being flattered by other people liking him.

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