He Dropped Me

A woman seeks advice about why a guy she was seeing suddenly dropped her.


Dropped Like a Hot Potato

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I was seeing this guy for almost two months who repeatedly mentioned how much he liked me. He also talked about making plans for the future, was super sweet to me, and made a real attempt to get in with my friends. Well I hadn’t heard from him for about a week – which wasn’t terrible unusual – so I decided to text him. He later left a message on my answering machine stating that he would call me again the following day. It has been five days, no call, no nothing.

I could tell that he was interested in me during our time together, so what happened? I just want to know if he’s changed his mind or if he is simply not good at relationships. He admittedly isn’t good at using the phone and he is extremely shy. What do you think is going on?

Steven: Well, admittedly this is not a good sign. I would say contact him one more time if you want and for your own piece of mind. No matter what he says though, it is probably the beginning of the end. After all, if he was into you he would find a way and be more attentive.

So maybe, he lost all your contact info, he got kidnapped, or hit his head and has amnesia but most likely he is now not into you. If you are wondering why, that too can be an assortment of reasons including he has found someone else to occupy his interest and fancy, he got what he wanted from you and now is tired of it or something turned him off, or he is just low class and a loser. You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out, but as you might guess, it is time to move on. He is showing his true colors of the type of guy he is. You should be thankful that this has happened now as opposed to finding this out and experiencing it when you are married with children by him. Finally, do not make this mean anything about you and/or you caused it. Instead find a guy who is worth your time and love.

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