He Never Wants Sex

A woman asks what she can do to make her boyfriend interested in sex again.


He Never Wants Sex

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: OK, so here’s the short version — my boyfriend is not interested in having sex anymore. I know he loves me, and I’m relatively sure he’s not cheating. He mentioned a ‘Madonna complex’ to me the other day. Will he be able to get over this? And what can I do to get him to start looking at me in a physical way again?

Matt: He may get over that – but it’s a problem. Shake off your normal routine. Spice things up and be a little more edgy. Also, wear sexy lingerie, challenge him a bit more, and be proactive about sex (initiate it). Find out what turns him on.

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0 thoughts on “He Never Wants Sex

  1. Men with the Madonna-whore complex generally can’t be wooed out of it by you coming on like a whore. That’ll probably just push him further away. I’d do some investigating and see if he’s not getting loving elsewhere, since he apparently at one time was interested in sex with you — “anymore” is the clue. Real M-w sufferers are usually that way from the start.

  2. He sounds like an a** to me.. BUT you could try cooking him a really wonderful dinner one night.. or giving him a foot massage.. you could even try getting him a little tipsy. 😛 I mean sometimes it turns a man on to see you go out of your way for him. And it sounds like, in your case, going out of your way is something you are going to have to do.

  3. OK.. I just read an explanation of the “Madonna Complex”.. if this is something he genuinely thinks he has.. then you are screwed (no pun intended) If he is already able to recognize what is going on then he has associated you with his mother to a point of no return. I say you go find a guy who looks at you as his equal and who will take advantage and return the love you have to give… emotionally and physically.

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