He Refuses to Invite Me Over

A woman ask why her boyfriend will not invite her to his place.


He Won’t Invite Me Over

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I’ve been exclusively dating a guy for five months and things are going well, except that he has not yet invited me to see his place. He says the reason is that his place is a mess. A couple of times we have made plans for me to go to his place, but he keeps coming up with reasons to cancel or come to my place instead. I really like him, but am I being foolish to continue to date a man that won ‘t let me see his apartment?

Matt: I would press him a little more about seeing his place. After five months, I think seeing his place is certainly fair. Tell him you don’t care about the mess. Perhaps even randomly offer to help him clean it one day and see how he reacts. If he squirms, then something is up.

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