His Ex-Girlfriend Is Back In the Picture

A woman wonders if her boyfriend is secretly spending time with his ex.

What Would Debbie Do?

He’s Communicating With His Ex!

Dear Debbie,

I hope you can help; I will start out with the background information before updating you on the current situation. My love and I were together 3 1/2 years before we split up in April right before we were to be wed. Everything fell apart because he kept allowing a young girl from work to act inappropriately – such as sitting on his lap, and telling people she was his girlfriend. He ignored me when I told him it was wrong, which led to my leaving the relationship and him moving out. Well after a short split, he moved back in with me. The young girl, however, continued to come around until I eventually threw her out. At first I allowed it, because my boyfriend kept telling me that she was just a friend. One day I witnessed them holding hands and cuddling, and after I kicked her out he admitted to having kissed her. Luckily she is completely out of the picture as of now, and she doesn’t work with my boyfriend anymore. The two of us still share a bed, but we have agreed to refrain from intimacy for a while. He continues to tell me that he loves me though, and we are always close even when others are around. He has also expressed that he wants us to go back to step one of the dating process, and move forward at a much slower pace. Unfortunately I still have some concerns and am not sure if they are rational ones. Last night he was on the phone with someone and seemed to switch subjects whenever I walked into the room. I did not ask who he was talking to nor did he tell me who it was. And this morning I read an instant message he had left on his computer, which was from an ex-girlfriend who he admitted to sleeping with after our initial breakup. In the message she conveyed that she was happy with the way their relationship was running, but she also asked what time he would be home from work, and he replied. This morning he told me that he was going to be helping a friend with their computer right after work. Should I be worried?

–Hopelessly In Love

Dear Hopeless,

Yep. You should be worried. Move on. And quick!!

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