He Doesn't Follow Through

A woman asks why her baby's father says he still loves her, yet he continues to stay with another woman.


He Never Follows Through

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My baby’s daddy says he loves me and wants to make things right with me yet he’s with this girl who cheats on him and who is using him. He knows these things but yet he still stays with her. He’s told me that he doesn’t want to be with her; it’s simply that she won’t leave him alone. Why does he say he wants things right between us while he’s still with her? Why does he say one thing before doing the opposite?

Avery: It sounds like your baby’s father wants to have the best of all worlds. He wants a relationship with you and his child, and he wants to be with other women. If he didn’t want to be with this other woman (who you say uses him), then he wouldn’t. It seems that he is staying with this other woman for reasons that you do not know of, so it’s time for you to ask what the real story is. When he tells you, you’ll need to decide what’s acceptable to you, with the consideration that you have a child together, which necessarily adds a whole other level of complication.

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