Why Doesn't He Trust Me?

A woman asks why her boyfriend doesn't want to trust her.


Where’s the Trust?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: My fiance, whom I live with, doesn’t see why I do not want to give him the password to my e-mail account. He says there shouldn’t be anything in my e-mail that I wouldn’t want him to see. As I told him, that is MY personal space. But it actually irritates me that he has asked more than once for it. I’ve never once given him any reason to not trust me. Why does he feel the need to spy on me? How should I address this the next time he asks?

Avery: Your fiancé has trust issues and the question is why. If you haven’t given him any reasons to distrust you then he is likely insecure, and trust me, this is only the beginning. You need to tell him that in any relationship there will always be boundaries and with you, it starts with not sharing your password. You will be able to gauge the future by his response.

It’s been my experience that dealing with someone who has trust issues AND who’s insecure is a slippery slope and this is definitely something that you want to deal with sooner rather than later.

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