Heather Locklear Teaches Ashlee Simpson-Wentz a Lesson

There's only room for one star on Melrose Place and guess who it is?

Heather Locklear Teaches Ashlee Simpson-Wentz a Lesson

There’s only room for one star on Melrose Place and guess who it is?

-Kathy Campbell

Heather Locklear and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Heather Locklear is back on Melrose Place and she’s in charge! Now that she’s reprising her role as Amanda Woodward on the new version of her ’90s TV hit, Heather’s made it clear that there’s only room for one leading lady on the show, and it’s not Mrs. Pete Wentz.

“Heather walked in and totally took charge,’’ an insider tells BettyConfidential. “It was like she never left the show.”

And with her years of experience, it was natural that Heather, 48, would take a leadership role among the much-younger cast. “She told everyone that this show should be taken seriously and it takes hard work and commitment to keep the show going and not be canceled,” the source says. “If any of these young actresses thought they were going to be the next Heather Locklear on Melrose Place, they are mistaken! She’s back and here to stay!’’

Heather is a pro, and she won’t put up with unprofessional behavior on the set, which means that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has had to tone down her diva ways.

“Ashlee had been acting like a prima donna,” the insider says. “When she first joined the show, she was nice, friendly, easy to work with and even nervous about her acting. But then she became a different person and was telling the make-up artist what to do and saying that she wanted to change her wardrobe. Even her husband, Pete, was fed up with her being so demanding.”

But with Heather around, Ashlee, 25, has turned over a new leaf. And the source says Heather (who returns to Melrose screens on November 17) has even been giving Ashlee advice on making her character more mysterious and sexy.

When a chastened Ashlee was asked by People magazine what it was like having Heather around, she said, “I really, truly believe that she’s part of the heart of the show. She’s so sweet and has a great energy, so it’s great to have her on the show.”

And Heather thinks it’s great to be back, too. “She missed being in the driver’s seat of a hit series,” says the insider. Her former co-star and real-life boyfriend, Jack Wagner, is telling friends that Heather’s decision to return to Melrose Place is the best thing that ever happened to her! “She’s so happy and if Jack wasn’t working on The Bold and the Beautiful, he’d love to be on the show with her,’’ says a pal. The past two years have been rough on Heather. Her career wasn’t going anywhere and she battled personal problems (including a stint in rehab and a charge of reckless driving). “But that’s all changed now,’’ says the friend. ‘’With Jack by her side and her career booming again, Heather feels like she’s on top of the world. Her life has turned around and she says she’s headed for even bigger and better things!’’

Kathy Campbell is BettyConfidential’s Executive Managing Editor.

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