Help! I Have Stretch Marks

A woman seeks advice on how to deal with her stretch marks.

Beauty Queen

Help! I Have Stretch Marks

Dear Beauty Queen: I’m only 19 and I have quite a few stretch marks – from years ago – on my legs. I’ve tried a few creams, but I was wondering if tanning helped as well. Any pointers would be much appreciated, thank you.

Beauty Queen: I hear you, stretch marks suck. I’ve had them myself since I was a teenager, and although I wish I could be more help, unfortunately there’s not much you can do. If you’ve had your stretch marks for a while, they’re probably white, as opposed to red, right? The best time to try to improve the appearance of stretch marks is when they’re new and pink, purple or red, so if they’re white, I’m sorry to say you’re pretty much stuck with them. Tanning isn’t going to do anything except help you get wrinkles or skin cancer. And in the case of older, white stretch marks, a tan might actually make them look worse. That’s because the stretch marks themselves don’t have pigment cells like the rest of your skin, so as the surrounding skin gets darker, your stretch marks are going to stay the same color.

With that said, if the stretch marks show when you wear a skirt or shorts, you can try a body cream that contains light-reflecting pigments to help create the illusion of more even-skin tone. Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer is just one option, at a pretty friendly price point. If they’re higher up and you’re self-conscious when wearing a bathing suit, nothing beats covering them up with sexy boy-short bottoms or a fabulous sarong.

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