Help! I Need a Makeover

A woman seeks advice about how to give herself a homemade makeover.

What Would Debbie Do?

Help! I Need a Makeover

Dear Debbie,

I have always been chubby, and now that I am 30 and a VERY proud mom to two kids (ages 10 and 8). I want to change myself, I feel so ugly and I hate to go out these days. I am never happy with the way I look in cloths or anything. And the saddest of all, I have already gone from a size 32 down to a size 22 just from the stress of hating how I look. But no matter how much I lose I Just feel worse, as if I can’t be happy with who I am. And at one time when I was over 400 I was never hard on myself, I had always thought I was cute.

Now I don’t even like the way my hair looks, and I’m on a fixed income. Do you know of anything I can do at home, that doesn’t cost a lot, which could help me? I would love to be able to like myself again.

–Thanks, Patty M

Dear Patty,

My heart is breaking for your plight. To feel disdain for oneself is a sad and lonely place to be. My guess is this has nothing to do with your appearance, as you suggested that your weight loss had no effect on how you felt about yourself. This is about you-your life, and how you view yourself in it.

Patty, you really have to figure out what is driving your self-loathing. This is a difficult process, and one you have to be quite honest with yourself about. Perhaps you should discuss this with a mental health professional. There are services for those who cannot afford these types of services, and I urge you to seek professional help to identify the source of your pain.

But remember this: No matter who you see in the mirror and how you feel about yourself, you have great value. Your job is to remember this, and find the source of strength to project this feeling to yourself, and all you come in contact with, no matter how much you weigh or how you look.

That’s what I would do.

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0 thoughts on “Help! I Need a Makeover

  1. Great advice, Debbie! Well done! Only she can find true happiness within herself, she will have to take a long hard look at herself and find the strength to overcome it.

  2. Thank you so much. your kind words have touched my heart. And I will do just what you said. Maybe if I can find someone to talk to. That it may help me with this. And that some day I can live happy with my self. I am greatful that you took the time to respond. And I am really going to look into finding a mental health worker.
    Hugs and Blessings.
    Patty M

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