Help, I'm Overweight

An overweight woman seeks guidance on how to lose weight.

Weight Loss Coach

Help, I’m Overweight

Dear Renee: I’m overweight by 60 pounds, any suggestions?

–Thanks, Thinking Thin

Dear Thinking Thin: Losing weight can be tough, but having the right support can make it much easier. Find a healthy plan that can fit with your life is key. Ask your doctor for recommendations or consider a visit with a registered dietitian (insurance often covers this). This can help you find the right calorie level to help you lose weight. Break up your overall goal into smaller ones … like trying to lose 5 pounds first. Once you get there, go for another 5; aiming for a 5 pound loss feels much more manageable that focusing on the 60 you’d ultimately like to lose.

You can start making changes now by replacing high calorie, less healthy foods with healthier, low calorie foods (check out the tips that I listed below for ‘Want to Lose Weight’). Don’t forget about exercise. Start small and add more time and other activities as your tolerance builds. Find something fun to do, walking with a friend, dancing or taking a class. Your local library will also have lots of different types of exercise tapes to try out.

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