Help – My Lashes Are Too Short!

A woman seeks advice on eyelash growth stimulators.

Beauty Queen

Help – I Need Longer Lashes!

Dear Beauty Queen: I’m totally overwhelmed by the choice of what eyelash-growing product to get (REVITALASH, JAN MARINI). The chat rooms have me completely confused. There is such a price range online. They are definitely not cheap. Should I even try one or could I harm my eyes?

Beauty Queen: I’m a huge fan of eyelash growth stimulators. Before my wedding I used Jan Marini‘s (the formulation has since changed, but it still works) and I literally had to stop using it because my lashes were hitting the lenses of my sunglasses. It was fabulous! And not only did they get longer, they got darker, too.

There’s been some controversy about the safety of these products, mainly because some early versions contained a drug that the FDA deemed unsuitable for over-the-counter distribution. In addition, there were some legal issues surrounding the patent and who had the right to use this active ingredient as well. The products containing this ingredient have since been pulled from shelves and reformulated, so safety is no longer a concern. But naturally follow the directions and try to avoid getting the product in your eyes.

The product you choose is really up to you. First, some are more wallet-friendly than others. There are also different active ingredients. Jan Marini’s Marini Lash uses a blend of peptides to stimulate growth while Osmotics Nutrilash (available at contains a combination of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

While these over-the-counter versions can deliver noticeable results, Allergan (the company behind Botox) is planning to launch a prescription product called Lumilash in 2009. Once approved by the FDA, it will be available exclusively through doctors because it contains the aforementioned drug ingredient. Stay tuned to for updates on this exciting beauty innovation!

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