Hollywood Makeup Minimalist

Celeb makeup artist James Vincent picks the five things you needs for a great look--fast!

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Hollywood Makeup Minimalist

Celeb makeup artist James Vincent picks the five things you needs for a great look–fast!

-Carrie Seim

California girlWhen I first moved to Los Angeles, I was struck, like all fresh-off-the-bus arrivistes, by the beautiful women. In the restaurants, the bars, the shops, the gas stations, the streets (okay, not so much the streets, as no one walks in this town), you can’t escape the spectacle of stunning women surrounding you.

Yes, L.A. floats on a sea of silicone fed by Botox tributaries. But California is also home to that enviable, effortless look of very little makeup and lots of sun-kissed perfection.

The trick to looking Hollywood polished, I soon discovered, was doing a little unpolishing. Less lip liner, more lip gloss. Less foundation, more moisturizer. The absolute worst thing you can do in this town is appear to be trying too hard. (Yes, you have to try your little rear off night and day, but you can never look like you’re trying.)

Since we’re all cutting down, cutting back and cutting out, this is the perfect time for a lesson in minimalist makeup, courtesy of Hollywood. An oxymoron? Hear me out.

I spoke with celebrity makeup artist James Vincent, whose clients include MTV, Lifetime Television, and the Today show. James is currently prepping for The Makeup Show LA, March 15 and 16, where he’ll join other celebrity makeup artists, sharing glamorous tricks of the trade with beauty professionals.

Despite his star-splashed resume, James insists that every woman can look gorgeous, often with just a handful of easy and inexpensive products.

“Makeup now is all about the individual and your own lifestyle and your own choices,” he tells Betty.

And what are the five simple choices every woman should make to look Hollywood glamorous without spending much time, money or effort? Here’s James’ A-list for that easy, breezy, beautiful Hollywood look:

1. Moisturizer and Sunblock “A great moisturizer and sunblock is so important because good skin care is the basis of good makeup.” James’ pick: Embryolisse Vitamin Moisturizer . “It’s a French moisturizer developed for burn victims. It’s now available in the United States, and it’s phenomenal.”

mascara2. Mascara “A great mascara is amazingly important,” James says. “Make sure you’re getting the mascara right to the root and really curling the lashes.” James’ picks: Make Up For Ever black mascara – “Their new black is better than anything.” CoverGirl Lash Blast – “Great mascara and a great price.”

3. Lash curler “You can leave the house just with good lashes,” James promises. How’s that for Hollywood makeup minimalism?

4. Lip balm “With just some lip balm and mascara, most women would be fine. Most women don’t need lipstick.” James’ picks: Korres Lip Butter and Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant

5. Cream blush “A good blush is really essential,” James says. “A cream blush is a really easy no brainer.”

BlushJames’ picks: Stila Convertible Colors – “They’re beautiful and easy to wear.” Three Custom Color Specialists: Watercolours for Cheeks – “I’ve developed a few of those and they’re really beautiful as well.”

That’s it? Well, you can always supplement your makeup kit, but James says these are the five essentials most women need to look their Betty best. How far you want to embellish the envelope is up to you.

“Make it all about you as the individual, instead of following these rules that were set down by other people.” James says, speaking like a true artist.

And if you’re a makeup artist, student or beauty professional, you can catch James in person at The Makeup Show LA, co-produced by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Events and Productions, at the California Market Center on March 15 and 16. (This is the west coast premiere of the annual Makeup Show NYC, which makes the event itself a bit of a Hollywood ingénue.)

The Makeup Show LA gave Betty 2 tickets for this industry-only event! So, if you’re an L.A-area Betty, just leave a comment in BettyTalk, and those tickets could be yours.

“The L.A. show is a huge thing for us. Because when you look at the history of cosmetics, it really comes out of Hollywood,” James says. “There was no consumer market for makeup until Hollywood changed the way women looked at what makeup could be.”

And it looks like today, in Hollywood or your home town, makeup can be just about anything you want it to be.

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  1. I loved the comment about creme blush and water proof is news to me and makes a great deal of sense. Live near the beach and always out walking my dog, so it would stay on despite warmth of sun.

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