Hope Is Lost for Homosexuals

California, Arizaona and Florida each passed amendments banning same-sex marriage.


Hope for Everyone (Except Homosexuals)

Great news with a bitter aftertaste

-Judy McGuire

a couple walkingThose of us who thought Barack Obama‘s win was symptomatic of a liberal shift in our country’s direction might be rethinking that optimism after seeing the various hate legislation that also passed. And don’t even get me started on Grey’s Anatomy putting the kibosh on the lesbian story line! 

California, Arizona and Florida all passed amendments banning same-sex marriage. Arkansas passed a measure to limit adoptions and foster care to couples who are legally married (i.e., not gay).

California’s Proposition 8 is the most stunning of the group because the state had already been allowing gay marriages. While Barack Obama has said he is against gay marriage (though not against civil unions – whatever), he also mentioned gay Americans in his acceptance speech.

Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough said “I’m very, very, very excited. A shout-out to the gays? I mean, never, ever, ever in an election or an acceptance speech has a president-elect said something like that. To hear that, for me, personally, is so fantastic. Barack Obama is exceptional. Exceptional!”

He has a point. Maybe there actually is hope.

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