Your Horoscope: Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Horoscope: Monday, May 11, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, May 11, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook – Monday, May 11, 2009: Today the moon is in Sagittarius, so many will be focused on higher educational goals, long-distance travel, and religious or spiritual ideals. Try to be open to new ideas; if you close yourself off you may have a difficult time integrating change into your life. This evening, a difficult lunar aspect could have many crying in their pillows; call a close friend or family member if you need some cheering up.

Today’s Birthday: Bettys born this day will have a hard time keeping themselves in check when it comes to finances. You may splurge on a beautiful new piece of artwork, a stunning outfit to wear to your birthday dinner, or a new tech toy that you simply must have. If you do indulge, don’t guilt trip yourself about it! Sometimes you Taureans punish yourselves too harshly for extravagance. The key is not to spend the money in the first place. The key word for the next year is saving: saving time, saving money, or saving a relationship. You share your birthday with Natasha Richardson, Salvador Dali, and Holly Valance.

Taurus: Communications, ideas, information, and methods that you deal with during this period are not apt to have much of a personal application or content, having more to do with your outer environment than with your personal problems or goals. Though they can of course filter down to a more personal application later, the primary issues you may be concerned with under this influence are likely to involve larger societal issues and activities.

Gemini: Romance is not a likely or enjoyable prospect, nor for that matter are social activities or communications with co-workers, a partner, or other allies. This is not an auspicious time for marriage and other alliances or joint ventures — and certainly not a period in which to initiate new ones. During this period everyone is apt to head in opposite directions with no thought of cooperation or willingness to compromise. Under this influence elegance and refined actions are overwhelmed or replaced by bad taste and aggressiveness.

Cancer: When it comes to handling interpersonal relations, enhancing the beauty or harmony of an environment, or planning social events, this is likely to be an exceedingly difficult period. Things just don’t seem to come together. Everyone has a different opinion than your own. No one is in a mood to be tactful or of a mind to make an effort to please you. Conflict and lack of cooperation arise between you and a partner.

Leo: Social gatherings are not likely to be successful. The energy that is apt to accompany this period can be an irresistible force in stirring things up. Energetic social interactions are certainly desirable but in this case, the party can turn into a brawl. Luxurious vehicles and travel accommodations are not easy to come by for the time being. A most inauspicious time to undergo surgical procedures, especially cosmetic surgery. Overexertion when engaging in physical fitness and other physical activities may have serious consequences.

Virgo: Rudeness or total lack of communication is a viable potential during this period. Presenting your thoughts and ideas to others is not a good idea. You are likely to encounter vigorous opposition, and at the very least you will waste your time. Conciliatory gestures are meaningless and perhaps even insulting, or least taken as insults. Do not expect to find others agreeable or willing to compromise. Commercial transactions are difficult.

Libra: Communication with siblings and neighbors is a high priority today as the moon transits Sagittarius. You’ll have lots of energy as the day begins, but you may be easily distracted. Turn off your cell phone, close Facebook, and try to completely focus on the work at hand this afternoon. While some fold under pressure, you are a dynamo when you the heat’s on. This evening, try not to let stress ruin a peaceful night with your special someone.

Scorpio: Either the news and information you receive, or the way that you are able to make use of it, can greatly enhance your personal image and reputation during this period. Others will tend to look very favorably on your accomplishments as well as your opinions. Your approval of their endeavors will no doubt also be sought. Consider the acquisition of a pet. The company will do you good.

Sagittarius: The moon is in your Sun sign today, Sagittarius, so you’ll enjoy an upsurge in your popularity. You Sags are always the life of the party, so you’ll enjoy the extra attention. This morning, stick to your guns and get work done – then you can have fun tonight. Do not blow off work today whatever you do – it could have terrible repercussions if you do.

Capricorn: There is potential for some really mystical experiences at this time. However, it is likely to be a case of your having to overlook flaws or less than ideal circumstances, in order to gain something pleasurable or achieve something just as important as your idea of perfection. It is a good idea to get in touch with friends and to welcome any opportunity that comes along to make new ones. Respond positively to the invitations or advice of friends.

Aquarius: Others find you very attractive and openly express their admiration or affection. Superiors are impressed and favorably disposed toward recognizing your talent; which makes this an appropriate time to ask for favors or a promotion. Romantic relationships and female relationships in general are encouraged. You can move forward with social plans, artistic endeavors, and matters that pertain to luxury items and beautification projects.

Pisces: You are surrounded by an abundance of free and easygoing energy today. If you need help getting things done, it will appear. People you encounter are apt to be applying their physical efforts toward the same or very similar goals. Obstacles in your path are few or nonexistent. You are likely to have an expansive, perhaps unnecessarily exaggerated, part to play in some of the situations you encounter during this period. You may be tempted to give people more credit than they deserve. The actions of others can inspire and expand the development of your own potential or that of your present circumstances.

Aries: Attempts to mesh people and ideas together in some sort of meaningful way are useless for the time being. You may become very discouraged coping with diverse opinions and people running off in opposite directions. You may hear or read about various ideas on a certain subject but these ideas may not agree with each other or answer your questions.

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