Horoscope for Monday, May 18, 2009

A horoscope reading for Monday, May 18, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, May 18, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Planetary Outlook: Monday, May 18, 2009: Today, when it comes to agreements, contracts, or negotiations, you should take some time out to really mull things over. The Sun and Mercury retrograde team up in the sign of Taurus, which gives most a good ability to figure things out. Self-reflection is productive but talking things through with a trusted confidante is also recommended. Don’t make any definitive moves right now, though, wait until after the end of the month when Mercury goes direct.

Today’s birthday: Betty’s born this day will enjoy a year of extreme mental stimulation and an upsurge in their creativity. Today take some time out to write your top ten goals for the year ahead; getting them down on paper will help you make them real. Dig down deep into your subconscious for some extra insight that will help you achieve in the year ahead. You share your birthday with Tina Fey, George Strait, and Pope John Paul II.

Taurus: Poor Taureans have had a really hectic past few weeks and today things may come to a head where communications, negotiations, and agreements are concerned. Don’t let someone pressure you into a decision that you are not completely on board with. Take your time and think things through before you commit to something that you are not completely sure of.

Gemini: You Geminis are usually not ones to let your emotions show or wear your heart on your sleeve, but for some reason today you may let your true feelings slip and immediately regret it. Don’t worry, Gemini, showing some human emotion doesn’t necessarily make you weaker in the eyes of others. In fact, you may just grow closer to someone because you connect on a deeper level than you usually allow yourself to.

Cancer: If something nasty a friend or acquaintance said about you gets back to you, don’t get all bent out of shape. Just make a mental note of it and move on. Surround yourself with good and kind people. As one of the most giving and loving signs of the zodiac, sometimes you are taken advantage of. Don’t compromise your natural instincts to protect yourself; instead, let yourself grow stronger by strengthening your ties to those who really do care about you.

Leo: You may be uptight about a professional matter that seems to have stalled at a very inconvenient juncture. Don’t worry and keep the faith – once Mercury resume forward motion after the first of June things will proceed smoothly. The surefire way to screw things up is to get all stressed and try to fix something that cannot be fixed right now. Focus on something else for a while and everything will work itself out over the next few weeks.

Virgo: A travel plan may get cancelled at the last minute and you could be very upset about it. Don’t be – it’s actually for the best. Focus on other pressing matters at hand instead. A higher education goal may become a reality in the next few weeks. Philosophical and spiritual matters will be on your mind this evening; some meditation or deep self-reflection is just what the doctor ordered.

Libra: You need to come clean with your special someone about how you really feel about an issue that has been driving a wedge between the two of you. Clearing the air will enable the two of you to move on. Stick to your guns and don’t try to please someone at your own expense. You Libras sometimes sacrifice too much for the sake of another; try to put your happiness first for a change.

Scorpio: You and your husband or significant other may be arguing a lot lately; as a Scorpio, you are not one to compromise. This situation may be one where you’ll have to make an exception. If you value your relationship, maybe it’s time to give in and do something to make someone else happy. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel when you see just how happy a loved one is when you give in just a little.

Sagittarius: You may have nothing but problems today, especially when it comes to correspondence, e-mails, phone calls, and communications in general. Your computer may crash at the most inconvenient time. Don’t lose your cool; just realize that Mercury is wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives. Take a deep breath and figure out a way to fix the unexpected problem. Your creative and unconventional Sagittarian wisdom will help you get out of a tight spot this evening.

Capricorn: You are more creative than ever today, especially when it comes to revisiting a project from the past and revamping it. Collaboration is also lucky for you right now and for the next few weeks, so call on friends for help and inspiration. This evening, don’t let the pressure get to you. Go to the gym and indulge in a serious workout; that will get your juices flowing and relieve a lot of stress.

Aquarius: You may put a plan in action today when it comes to making your domestic environment more comfortable and appropriate for your purposes. Enlist the assistance of a friend or associate; not only will their input help you formulate a great plan, their company will also make a household overhaul a lot less tedious.

Pisces: You have a lot on your mind lately, Pisces, and today is no exception. If you get caught in traffic, miss your train, or experience some other transportation mishap this morning don’t let it ruin your day. Take a deep breath and let that tension go. Pisces, more than any other sign, need inner peace to be most effective in the outer world. A yoga class or deep tissue massage this evening will relieve a lot of stress and help you get your mind right.

Aries: Money matters are front and center as the Sun and Mercury stimulate your second house of finances, values, and goals. Make an extra effort to sort through a confusing decision that has been plaguing you for the past week. You may need to take some time to yourself this evening when pressure bears down on your ability to think clearly. There’s nothing wrong with putting off an important decision for now, in fact that may be exactly what you should do.

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