How Much Do American Idol Contestants Make?

If you're on Idol, you're totally set!

How Much Do American Idol Contestants Make?

If you’re on Idol, you’re totally set!

-Carolyn French

American Idol members

Getting the chance to be a part of American Idol is a pretty sweet gig, but exactly how sweet may render you speechless.

Each contestant who makes it into the top 12 is guaranteed a check amounting to several thousand dollars. And, those who are lucky enough to be in the top five can expect to earn roughly $100,000 from their time on the show.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have an opportunity to garner four times that amount if the producers offer them a record deal.

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No previous winner has received less than $1 million within a year of winning, according to sources close to Idol, meaning last season’s top dog Kris Allen must be swimming in his earnings! (Hollywood Life)

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