How the Stars Get Red-Carpet Ready

We've uncovered the beauty and fitness tips and tricks that Hollywood's A-listers use to look their best.
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How the Stars Get Red-Carpet Ready

We’ve uncovered the beauty and fitness tips and tricks that Hollywood’s A-listers use to look their best.

-Debbie Emery

Cameron Diaz

When Hollywood’s most beautiful stars walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday, millions of women across America will be sitting at home thinking: “Check out Julia Roberts’ fantastic figure (can she really be a mother of three?); “I want Sandra Bullock’s luscious hair;” “Mo’nique looks 10 pounds slimmer!” “How does Marion Cotillard stay in that dress?”

Want to know their secrets? BettyConfidential reveals the tricks of Hollywood’s hottest stars from Tinseltown’s top stylists, hair gurus, skin care experts and fitness trainers. Follow these inside tips and you can look like an A-lister, too!

Keep It Clean

And by that, we mean your diet! Fitness expert Dove Rose, who trains TV’s Sandra Oh and Sarah Chalke, says cutting out the crap two weeks before a big event has a dramatic effect. “Eat clean, which means no coffee, no sugar, no alcohol, no wheat and no dairy. Meat is optional, some clients need it and some go pure vegan,” she explains. When you ditch the bad stuff, be sure to drink lots of water to clean out your system and hydrate your cells, which will benefit both your body and your skin. So that’s how stars look slim and glowing all night long!

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Slide to Slimness

Having worked with a slew of Hollywood’s top stars (she’s currently training Rachel Nichols from G.I. Joe and Grey’s Anatomy’s Jessica Capshaw), trainer Valerie Waters understands that clients want to maximize their workouts before a big event in the minimum amount of time. Her nifty creation, the Valslide is a dynamic workout tool that can be used just about anywhere. Waters suggests doing a circuit training program mixing up lunges, reverse lunges and mountain climbers on the Valslide with dumbbell presses with 10-pound weights and side steps and arm rows with a band. “Cardio strength training circuits are the fastest way to burn fat and build lean sexy muscles,” explains Waters. “I use them year-round but step up the intensity if we are on a tight deadline.” The smooth flowing movement that the Valslide creates really targets the butt, abs and thighs — areas that matter when stars slip into a body-hugging designer gown.

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