How to Age Gracefully … With a Little Help

Jennifer Goodkind discusses how to age gracefully with a little help.
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How to Age Gracefully … With a Little Help

Aspiring to look the best – not the youngest – that I can

-Jennifer Goodkind

A pretty woman sitting outsideI go to my dermatologist’s office every four months for Botox injections. Whenever I make an appointment, I tell the office that I am coming in for Botox, but that I may need extra time in case the doctor should feel that I need “something more.” I have grown up with Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer as my contemporary Hollywood counterparts. It is fair to say that they all look pretty damn good … for their age. Ah yes. That is the biggest shift: the addition of the dreaded caveat used for “women of a certain age” — or, to quote Carrie Bradshaw, her “icky age”.

Courteney CoxI have studied the faces of my age group both on screen and off and found that my own ideal of aging, like the other parts of my life, is about balance. We have all seen the poster “children” for too much Botox and filler. It ain’t pretty. I have yet to meet a man who thinks an over injected face is “hot.” But, I also can say with great conviction that wrinkles aren’t a turn on either. Everyone’s beauty ideal has been shaped through the culture and of course, ours is a culture that places a premium on youth. We have a steady stream of forty-something spokesmodels who convey the idea that beauty is “ageless.” Let’s face it: Andie Macdowell, Elle Macpherson, Courteney Cox and Brooke Shields aren’t necessarily realistic goals for most of us. Aside from being genetically blessed, they have access to the best dermatological treatments and plastic surgeons (not to mention great lighting, top tier make up artists and, let’s not forget, a little thing called Photoshop). So, where does this all leave me?

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  1. Yea, sometimes I think eeek botox! Never will I have a needle of poison injected into my face…but I guess it’s something I might consider when I’m older.

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