How to Get Over Your Ex in 7 Days

Put down that cookie dough and get off the sofa. Here's our 7-step plan for moving on after a breakup.
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How to Get Over Your Ex in 7 Days

Put down that cookie dough and get off the sofa. Here’s our 7-step plan for moving on after a breakup.

-Amber Madison

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Breaking up is hard to do. But crying yourself to sleep night after night and wallowing in what-ifs will only make it worse. To start this year off right, you have to move on. Here’s how to get over your ex in just seven days.

Day 1: Indulge Yourself. When a breakup is fresh, you have to do whatever it takes to get through the next 24 hours. That may mean letting yourself spend the day crying on your couch, throwing darts at his picture, or dishing to your friends about his sexual inadequacies. It may also mean Ben & Jerry. Or for those who prefer a stronger medication: Jim, Jack or Jose. On this day, just do whatever makes you feel good. Your goal: immediate gratification.

Day 2: Focus on You. After spending a day giving in to your every whim, it’s time to get focused. When in relationships, we tend to compromise too much, and let our personal goals get eclipsed by our relationship. Put the focus back on yourself, starting from the inside out. Do some sort of exercise you enjoy to distract your mind (running, swimming, yoga, rock climbing or a dance class). Eat healthy balanced meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to help your body feel healthier and refreshed. Spend time thinking about your personal goals, what it will take to achieve them, and make a plan for getting yourself on track.

Day 3: Rediscover Your Sexy Self. All too often, we rely on a guy’s attention to make us feel sexy. Today, do something for yourself that will make you feel like a hottie: Get a flirty haircut, take the time to give yourself a mani-pedi, buy some seductive new makeup or a slinky top.

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Day 4: Reflect. After a few days of thinking just about yourself, it’s time to think about him again. Not in a longing or obsessive way, but objectively, analytically. What attracted you to him? What did you like about him or the relationship? What did you dislike? What can you learn from your relationship that will help you with other guys in the future? And perhaps most importantly, do you still need closure from the relationship? And if so, how could you get that?

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Over Your Ex in 7 Days

  1. Good general advice, but 7 days is absolutely absurd and unrealistic. For any kind of meaningful relationship, I’d expect more like a month at each of these steps.

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