How to Get a Guy for the Holidays

Five ways to find your own Santa baby this year.
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How to Get a Guy for the Holidays

Five ways to find your own Santa baby this year.

-Carrie Seim

A loving couple on Christmas

We’re in the thick of holiday hoopla, which means romance season has also officially begun. From now until Valentine’s Day (let’s be honest – from now until Easter), we’ll be under attack by commercials linking holiday happiness to couplehood.

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Here comes the guy walking through freshly fallen snow with a tiny bow-topped box hidden behind his back. There she is, wrapped up tight in her scarf and mittens, looking like she never expected this – but boy does she deserve it. They embrace. They twirl. They’re in love! And now the tag line – “Make this Christmas one she’ll never forget.” Or, “Give voice to your heart this holiday.” Or, “You – yes, you – you’ll never be as happy as these people because you’re ALL ALONE.”


It’s easy to throw in the dating towel during the holidays. There’s so much pressure and so little time. Well, we want to assure you that that’s totally cool with us. You’re absolutely fantastic just as you are. And if we made commercials, we’d be giving you that little blue box for Christmas – no man required.

But if you do feel like rousing up some romance this holiday season – or just finding a chap to roast chestnuts with – we’ve got some tips. Here’s your gift from us this holiday season:

BettyConfidential’s Five Ways to Get a Guy For the Holidays

1. Protect & Serve

Bake some holiday cookies and personally deliver them to your local fire station, police station or hospital. (While wearing a sexy dress or adorable apron, of course!) These places are overflowing with attractive men who rarely get food breaks – there’s little else in the world that makes them as happy as a surprise snack delivery.

Next, mention that since you don’t have a boyfriend to cook for, you wanted to bake some holiday treats for the people who take care of your community all year long.

And don’t skimp on serving the wonderful women who also work at these spots! (Feel free to ask them which of the guys are single … ) Even if you don’t bake up a date, you’ll make friends with folks who might one day save your life.

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