How to Read His Body Language

Six telltale signs a guy is into you.
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How to Read His Body Language

Six telltale signs a guy is into you.

-Amber Madison

Body language

Is he just being friendly, or does he want you? Or does he want your friend? Oh the questions that keep us up at night, keep us talking on the phone for hours, and prevent us from being productive at work. Well, the good news, fair ladies, is that if you learn to read his body language you’ll have your answer. No more painful nights (and days) spent wondering if he really is into you. Here are six ways to interpret what his body is telling you, even when he doesn’t say a word:

1. He looks at you more than twice. If you’re out somewhere and a guy looks at you a time or two, he could just be checking out his surroundings. But if you catch him looking at you three or more times, it’s a sure sign he’s into you. According to Janine Driver author of the bestselling book, You Say More Than You Think, “Even if he doesn’t approach you, if he’s looked at you more than twice, he likes you.” So if you think the guy checking you out is cute, walk over to him. “If you’re worried about what to say, tell him you and your friend have a bet and you need him to be the tie-breaker,” says Driver. “And the bet can be about anything, even something like ‘Do girls who wear green on St. Patty’s Day get hit on more?’”

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2. He’s all up in your grill. When a guy is interested he’s going to get in your personal space and put his face close to yours when he’s talking to you. How close is close? According to Driver, closer than normal means anything less than about 18 inches. Specifics aside, if you feel like he’s in your space or closer than most people get when talking to you, trust your instincts – he probably is.

3. He’s talking slow and soft. According to Greg Hartley, a graduate of the U.S. Army Interrogation School and the author of Date Decoder, “When you’re attracted to someone you talk 25% slower and softer than you normally would.” So if he’s talking like he wants you to hang on his every word, the truth is he does – and it’s likely he’s wanting to hang on every word of yours, too.

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6 thoughts on “How to Read His Body Language

  1. jessica03 says:

    Oh wow. I was just talking to my friends the other day about knowing if a guy likes you or not. I’ve always had trouble knowing if a guy is interested in me! Body language is easy to tell, but what if the guy that asked for your number never asked you to go out and if he did, it would be with a bunch of his friends? So complicated!!

  2. citymouse says:

    Love the “Navel Navigator” technique! Need to keep that one in the back of my mind next time I meet a guy –

  3. allsmiles says:

    I met a guy who exihibited #1-3 to the max! But because I am a direct approach kinda gal, I don’t take hints very well so his actions left me confused and uncertain. I am old-fashioned so I didn’t approach him. I prayed over it & I know he will return soon & express his feelings to me & I will also be more sensitive now that I know that he is in love me! Jesus Christ is real!!!!

  4. Louisehere says:

    jessica03, let me give you a little confusing insight. my husband when he asked me for our first date, asked if me and a friend wanted to go somewhere (to make it easier for him to ask cause he was nervous). Stupid me not knowing any better, later when we ran into her after her last class, I was the one that mentioned it to her. He had no intention of inviting her. But I am stupid, I guess. Sometimes they are nervous and a gruop date seems easier for them or easier to ask if you so no. Anyway all 3 of us went on this trip with his Sunday school class to a passion play and he calls this our first date. I call our first date the following friday nite to a movie. Yea, complicated, huh? 25 years ago.

  5. nikkifig7x says:

    Hello Jessica, Its perfectly normal for the guy to ask you out with a bunch of his friends. That is exacly what my boyfriend for 4 years did when I first went out with him. He asked me out with his friends because he wanted to see how I would act around his friends… it was like a test..he basically said, girls can be so fake and annoying around guys or other he wanted to see if I was one of those girls. (he told me this after we have been dating for awhile lol) may sound a little strange lol but i think its pretty cool, at least I know im not one of those girls a guy cant stand haha. Theres plenty of them so, just be youself and be original no fake stud and no kisses on the first date, play hard to get. Men love a chase and im sure we all do haha.Its very attracting to a man when a girl has power to not be all over a guy the first day out together. Turn him down once or twice also, he will see that you are worth pursing a future with. Believe me! Have a great day, hope this helps :)

  6. Michel Gorge says:

    Great post! I had never really though about words as sounds instead of visual representations before, but it makes so much sense. I, too, am a visual learner so I often like to see how a word is written before I try and pronounce it.. But maybe I should be using my ears more and concentrating on the sounds involved! I use Memrise for learning vocab as well, but I often find I spend an hour or so whizzing through the levels which results in nothing really sticking in my head. I'll go back to 'water my plants' later and realise that I haven't learned anything at all!
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