How Do You Know?

A woman wonders how you know when you're in love, and also asks how men show that their feelings are more than friendly.


Love vs. In Love

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How do you know when you are in love? Also, how do you know when a guy likes you more than a friend?

Avery: I don’t know how a woman feels when she’s in love, but for the guy, it’s when you genuinely enjoy being around the woman at all times and are able to deal with tough situations as well as fun ones. When you want your friends and family to meet the person you are with, that’s love. You’ll know when a guy likes you: When he calls you just to talk, and when he wants to spend time with you. You’ll also know that he likes you if he introduces you to people who he likes and respects, like his friends, coworkers and his family. When a guy likes you, you’ll know it!

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