How Long Should My Hair Be?

A woman asks how long her hair should be if she is 44.

Beauty Queen

How Long Should My Hair Be?

Dear Beauty Queen: At 44, how can I wear my near shoulder-length hair without looking like I am trying to “look young“? Should I be going shorter?

Beauty Queen: OK, forget all of those “rules” you’ve heard about hair length as you get older. Just because you’re a certain age, doesn’t mean you need to lop off a few inches. The key is finding the best style for your face, and integrating a few anti-aging tricks such as cutting bangs (which cover any lines you may have on your forehead) and adding layers that gently frame the face. Brightening up your color can also help turn back the clock without looking like you’re trying too hard, and a few strategically placed highlights can make a world of difference.

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