How to Bring Sexy Back this Spring

Bring sexy back this spring!


Springing Romance into Your Life

How to bring sexy back this spring

Carrie Seim

a woman nibbling on a man's earSpring has finally arrived! Tra-la! No more scratchy sweaters, no more dry skin, no more whining about boys who’ve done me wrong. I’m letting the season’s tantalizing optimism take me over.

It’s that feeling Mole describes in the first paragraph of Wind in the Willows: “Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing.”

What magical phrasing — divine discontent and longing. Isn’t that exactly how each lovestruck spring feels? An ache of hope, a restlessness of temper, a pull toward the warmth of romance untested.

In honor of sprightly spring, I’m cataloging some sexy little things to try with your guy. They’re sure to make your spirit hover in divine discontent and longing.

Skip School

Break free of any leftover winter doldrums by breaking your routine. Call in sick to work or “run away” one Saturday. (Even if that means taking a drive 20 miles out of town and making out in the backseat of your minivan.) Ride bikes, take a hike, play kickball — anything for your own “spring awakening.”

Spoon-Fed Love

One sexy guy I dated used to feed me little bites from his plate each time we went out to dinner. No matter how often he pressed a spoon to my lips, I always swooned. This is the sexiest form of PDA known to woman. Instead of being grossed out by excessive groping, all the other diners are engrossed by your sophisticated intimacy.
For a spring twist, take your man for ice cream cones and suggest a little spoon-fed sugar. Take turns feeding each other creamy, tantalizing bites. The cold ice cream in your hot mouths will give you both chills. (Plus, you get to try two flavors this way — jackpot!)

Wash That Man Right into Your Hair

Step 1: Buy a fresh, spring-smelling shampoo.

Step 2: Run a bath.

Step 3: Ask your guy if he’d mind washing your hair.

Step 4: Let your robe “accidentally” fall off.

Step 5: Watch how fast he runs to the tub.

So, yes, you’re probably going to ask for this one. Your dude’s not going to magically turn into Ralph Fiennes from The English Patient and suggest this sexy move on his own.

However, asking for what you want from a guy doesn’t diminish the value of what you receive. And trust me — in this case, it’s more than worth it!

Roses are Red, Violets Are — for You!

What’s the ultimate romantic spring gesture? Fresh flowers, of course! There are few things more enchanting than watching daffodil buds (only a few dollars a bunch) blossom before your very eyes. Or the brilliant splash of bright-colored tulips sprouting toward the heavens. Or the daring hue of dark purple iris after the dark, cold winter.

If you’d rather take a more sustainable approach, invite your guy to a nursery to hunt for plants to raise together. A hearty garden project will bring you closer to nature — and to each other.

Of course, you don’t have to wait around for a man to give you any of these spring delights. The season is all about refreshing rebirth, and you don’t need anyone to help you with that. As my friend used to say, there’s nothing wrong with buying your own damn daffodils!

Do you have ideas for a sexy spring?

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