How to De-Tox Your Skin

De-tox your skin with these wonderful products!

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Time to De-Tox Your Skin

A new crop of products claims to keep your complexion pure

-Paige Herman-Axel

a woman laying in the grassSure, we all worry about the effect pollution has on our air and water, but what about our skin? You better believe that the environment affects both the appearance and function of our skin-it is an organ, after all-depriving it of oxygen, weakening its barrier and robbing it of its radiance.

Chenel cleanser productAnd if you live in a big city, pollution can be damaging your skin every day. In fact, many large cities around the world plant tulip trees to counteract the negative effects of pollution. The plants’ shiny leaves secrete a wax that absorbs pollutants and protects their ability to perform photosynthesis. That’s why Chanel uses tulip tree wax in their Precision cleansers and toners. Chanel believes the tulip tree wax can do the same for our skin by trapping the pollution that can compromise the skin’s protective barrier and lead to premature aging. Available in formulations designed for dry, dehydrated and sensitive; normal to combination; and combination to oily skin, now’s the perfect time to check these out since warmer weather will likely have you spending more time outdoors. $45 each,

Bioelements Protective Day CremeBut if you thought your skin was safe indoors, guess again. The folks over at Bioelements think that artificial light can be as damaging to your skin as UV rays from the sun. According to Bioelements, the blue wavelengths found in artificial light can penetrate just as deep as UVA rays, and cause the free radical damage that leads to visible signs of aging. To counteract the effects of logging overtime at the office, their Lutein Indoor Protective Day Crème contains lutein derived from the petals of the marigold flower, since this super-antioxidant has been found to Clarins' Expertise 3P Screen Mistprovide superior protection from the elements. $49.50,

Now that you’ll never look at your overhead lights the same, Clarins believes that electromagnetic waves, such as those emitted by your cell phone, should be feared for beauty reasons as well. A few years ago, the French beauty powerhouse launched Expertise 3P Screen Mist, which is said to act like a “protective veil” to help preserve your skin’s radiance. With ingredients like botanicals and white tea that boast antioxidant capabilities to protect the skin from other types of environmental aggressors as well, you can keep on chatting without worrying about fine lines and wrinkles. $42,

Speaking of SPRING! … has a great list of 8 things to look forward to now that Spring’s officially here.  Check it out for some springtime inspiration.

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  1. I’ve been wondering about the Clarins product! I really hope that it’s a lot of hype to sell a product, otherwise scary! but I do love Clarins so maybe this is worth a try to see if i notice a difference

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