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Want to meet a millionaire? Andrew Stern tells you how!

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Meet a Millionaire Matchmaker

Andrew Stern gives Betty the scoop on meeting a wealthy hunk like him

Carrie Seim

Andrew SternSo you want to date a millionaire? Andrew Stern has some advice for you.

The 35-year-old millionaire /entrepreneur /dreamboat founded, a 3-D social networking site. (Music and avatars and videos, oh my!) He also recently appeared as one of the more sane bachelors on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. (Check out the video of his date wrap-up at the bottom of this article.)

Andrew chatted with Betty’s own Carrie Seim and gave her the scoop on dating on TV, dating in Los Angeles and dating a millionaire.

Betty: Are you really a millionaire or do you just play one on TV?

Andrew: They didn’t do any serious financial checks, but I am.

Betty: Why did you agree to appear on Millionaire Matchmaker? Be honest – were you just trying to promote your businesses?

Andrew: I had two goals. One was to get some publicity for and some of my other businesses. And the other one was – I’d been single and dating in L.A. I wasn’t having problems meeting people, but having problems meeting the right person. So I was looking for Patti’s [Patti Stanger – the show’s matchmaker] help in finding someone I might have a more sustainable relationship with.

Betty: What’s Patti like in real life?

Andrew: She’s just like she is on camera. She’s outgoing, she’s got pretty strong opinions, she says what’s on her mind, she’s a little pushy, she can be a bit abrasive, but she’s good at what she does.

She has that Jewish stereotypical mother-trying-to-set-you-up feel about her. We got along pretty well, but I didn’t give her that much resistance.

Betty: What’s the best piece of advice Patti gave you?

Andrew: She told me I’d been lazy with dating and not really pursuing and planning and being romantic and trying to really woo and court a woman as much as I should.

Betty: Have you changed your dating strategies since?

Andrew: I’ve definitely changed. But it definitely hasn’t turned into any concrete results. [laughter] I’ve had a few kind of more serious girlfriends, pretty strong, intense relationships. And in some cases, I have been wrong. I’ve followed Patti’s advice and sometimes have been too romantic or too serious and scared the girl off.

Betty: What did your family and friends think when you told them you were doing the show?

Andrew: My family and friends have always been very supportive of me. Everyone’s main concern was me not looking like an idiot. So I tried to limit that.

Betty: You’re actually much funnier now than you were on the show. Patti scolded you for being so shy on the show.

Andrew: If I was extra shy, that was because I was following the advice: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Betty: [Laughter. Impressed at the historic reference laughter.]

Andrew: I just wanted to be myself not act like some sort of character.

Betty: Did the producers ask you to do anything you wouldn’t normally do?

Andrew: Not really, it was pretty much just as it happened. It was very organic and everything was just as it was, really.

Betty: What about the kiss with Whitney?

Andrew: At that point, they took me aside and said, “It’s going really well, maybe you should get a little more romantic.” They did kind of coach me on that, but that was the only time…The director was like, “You should make a move!”

Betty: Why did you pick Whitney, even though she’s not Jewish, when you told Patti you were looking for a Jewish girl? And she was also only 21 years old.

Andrew: There were like 20 girls there and only one was Jewish. So I just picked whoever I thought I had the most chemistry with and who I thought I’d have the most fun with on camera.

It’s such an artificial environment. You’re not going to find true love on a reality show, so I just thought I’d pick someone I’d have fun with.

Betty: Do you only want to date Jewish women?

Andrew: It’s never been a requirement; it’s preferable. But I’ve dated mostly non-Jewish girls. As I’m getting older, I’m looking more toward marriage, and I thought I should focus more on that. But there are many variables and I don’t think religion should be the number one reason to go out with someone or not go out with them.

Betty: What advice do you have for women who want to date a millionaire?

Andrew: Women always say, “I need to get plastic surgery, I need to wear these clothes, I need to go to these clubs.” Not enough people are like, “I should work on myself. I should read some books, I should travel, I should go to museums, I should get my degree.”

You should work on yourself – focus on the internal instead of the external. I don’t spend a lot of time focusing on superficial things. Yes, I have nice things. But I don’t think having nice things is how you get someone nice.

Betty: Do you think it’s possible to find true love in a city like L.A.?

Andrew: I think it’s possible; it’s just a lot, lot harder. All my friends in Ohio have at least two kids and are married.

People in L.A. don’t invest enough time in themselves to make themselves better people, so you get a lot of short-term, artificial relationships and it burns you out. A lot of people are good actors.

Betty: Did you ever go out with Whitney again?

Andrew: We went out for about a month. There’s definitely an age difference and she ended up moving to Vegas to pursue some other career stuff. We’re still friends, though.

Betty: Are you dating anyone now?

Andrew: I’ve been dating, but it’s nothing exclusive or serious at the moment.

Betty: Are you serious about wanting to get married?

Andrew: Yeah, I’d definitely like to. I thought I would be by now. But I don’t want to settle, either.

My parents were married 40 years, so I take marriage very seriously. I’ve never lived with anyone. I don’t believe in settling. I don’t think there’s only one right person out there, but I believe there are people who are perfect for you.

Betty: So if a woman (I’m not saying who) wants to find you, how could she do that?

Andrew: Go to my Web site, and look for my avatar, named “Club Owner.”

Betty: Really? Because my avatar is named Smart-Attractive-Traveled-Educated- Midwestern-Girl-Who-Lives-Down-The-Street-From-You.

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  1. I saw him on The Millionaire Matchmaker. Andrew struck me as a very real person..and he is a mid-westerner too..Carrie…and you know how nice mid-weserners are…go for it!

  2. Wow! He is a hunk! And he seems very down to earth and centered. I wish him luck in finding a 40 relationship for himself. I liked his comments about working on yourself.

  3. Why is it guys always use their adorable dogs in their “look at me” photos? Doesn’t the dog have a say in it? Perhaps Rover doesn’t want to be a part of his lame attempt to find a date! Be sincere Mr!

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