Monogamy Doesn't Have to Be Monotonous

How to create a romantic evening

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Monogamy Doesn’t Have to Be Monotonous

How to create a romantic evening–a little spice
can be nice!

-Mandy Panter

Are you and your husband or partner on a once-a-month-if-we’re-lucky sex schedule? Between careers, kids, financial concerns (thanks economy!), you might be too stressed to even think about getting it on let alone actually disrobing and doing it. If your lack of intimacy is getting depressing, you might feel helpless to change the situation. After all, it takes two to, er, tango, right?

Kissing coupleWell, technically yes–but you can take the lead! It’s time to take matters into your own hands (and no, not like that). Here’s how to plan–and enjoy–the perfect seduction:

Needless to say, if you have kids, get them out of the house. If you aren’t lucky enough have a doting mother-in-law to take them for the evening, bribe your best friend or offer to swap nights with another mommy friend. This is not optional!

• Set the mood. Change the sheets; light the candles. Let him know in the afternoon that he’s in for a surprise when he gets home so he’ll be encouraged to leave his work mind-set at the office.

• Dress the part. Most of us have become far too comfortable changing into a pair of sweats and a ratty T-shirt for our evening attire. Make an effort tonight. Try some scandalously expensive red “Love Basque” lingerie from Agent Provocateur and after showering, shaving (yes, everywhere!) and lotioning up, slip into your new scanties. You’ll feel 20 pounds thinner and infinitely sexier. Don a matching silk robe, like this gorgeous one by Cosabella and put the champagne on ice.

• Mood food. That whole thing about the way to a man’s part–I mean, heart!–is through his stomach? Not such a myth. If you’re feeling adventurous, oysters are a delicious treat to share. Ordering in is a great option – that way you save your energy. Try some chocolate truffles or strawberries and whipped cream to go with your champagne. But don’t overindulge…you want to save room for the real dessert.

• The pre-game show. After your champagne, take his hand, slip a blindfold over his eyes and lead him into the bedroom. Tell him to get undressed and lay on his stomach. Warm up your hands, squeeze some oil onto his back and give him the best massage of his life.

• Toys aren’t just for kids. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say that just as there are accessories to match an outfit, there are toys to match your mood. Try for a plethora of chic and sexy toys.

The rest, my dear, is up to you and your man. I’m sure you can take it from here!

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