Tips for Making Your Color Last Longer

Try these tips in order to make your hair color last longer!

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Make Your Color Last Longer

Stretch your dollars by stretching the time between salon appointments

-Paige Herman-Axel

woman gettng her hair dyedI think it’s insane how one day my hair color is fine, and the next I’ll wake up with roots that are in desperate need of some professional help. It happens that fast. Sometimes I wonder what I can do to hold me over until the next week if, gasp, my colorist Brian Keller is on vacation or traveling for business (he’s a senior colorist/trainer for Frédéric Fekkai salons).

In today’s chilly economic climate, maximizing the time between hair appointments can mean two or three less visits a year, which can add up to some significant savings. Check out these tips from Ryan Nickulas of the Ryan Darius Salon in New York City that can help you watch your wallet without sacrificing style.

Conceal your roots. To get an extra week or two before you have to hit the salon, Ryan suggests trying a hair mascara to cover roots or grays, which can be found at most drugstores.

Change your style. Shorter hairstyles need more frequent maintenance, so opt for cuts less often, but don’t forget the trims every 8 weeks or so to keep hair looking healthy.

Consider changing how you color. “Highlights and multiple processes are often a costly style to keep up. If your roots are showing, try covering them with a single process coloring, which will not only give your hair a break, but your purse as well!” says Ryan.

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  1. Also check out the local beauty schools. I’ve been having them do my color for about 5 years and love it…and I color it there and go elsewhere for cuts (curly hair & that’s hard to cut) and have gotten all kinds of compliments on it from the stylists.

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