How Would He Act?

A woman asks how a male friend of hers would hypothetically act if he were interested in her.


Hypothetically Speaking

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: How would I know if a man – who is seven years younger – is interested in me or not? Sadly I am not single, but he is. I have known him for over a year, and although I have no intention of showing my interest I still look for hints. I basically just want to know how he would act if he were secretly pinning away for me.

Avery: You should ask the guy to go out with you socially. Maybe in a different scenario – like going out on one of the weekend nights – then you should be able to flirt with him and get a sense of if he’s interested in you at all. If you know any of his friends, you could also talk casually with them to see if they have any insight into their friend.

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