I'm Failing Kindergarten

It can be very difficult for mothers when their children start school.
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I’m Failing Kindergarten

Starting school can be hard … for moms.

-Julie Ryan Evans

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My son started kindergarten last week, and it’s been hard, really hard. Not for him – he’s doing great – but for ME.

It’s not the oh-no-he’s-growing up emotional stuff that’s left me reeling. After three years of preschool, I didn’t even come close to shedding a tear this time – I almost even forgot to take a picture (those of you who have known me long are gasping in disbelief I know!)

What’s been so difficult this time is navigating the maze of rules and guidelines and things I’m supposed to do that I’m forever forgetting or messing up or living in fear of doing so.

Things are much more complicated than preschool.

The first day – the very first day – I got a call saying if I didn’t deliver my son’s vaccination forms (on specific colors of paper) into the school ASAP he wouldn’t be able to come back the next day. Can you imagine after all the buildup and hype we’d done about kindergarten telling him he couldn’t go back because mommy screwed up?

It’s a long story I won’t bore you with about why they didn’t have them, but I had to get them, and quickly. I somehow convinced our doctor – at the busiest time of year – to see us that evening. The only catch was she couldn’t see us until 6:40 p.m., and since she practices in two offices, she would be in the far one-almost an hour away. My 7-month-old goes to bed at 6 p.m. every night, my husband was out of town, and there was a shot involved, so I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, but off we went and acquired the necessary physical and documentation. One near miss avoided.

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0 thoughts on “I'm Failing Kindergarten

  1. lol i have 3 children (I have 4 but the youngest is only 2) and all 3 of them go to different (public) schools. They stagger the start for some of the kids, but not all of them. I never got a teacher assignment for 2 of my kids, assumed they started on Tuesday when my oldest did until I got a phone call stating one of my children has been absent.

    We moved 9 months ago, literally 5 feet from one apartment to another building, and I filled out all the required forms. I received test scores to my current address this summer, but for some reason my kids teacher assignments were mailed to my old address, and the time for forwarding had expired. When i called the school I was informed I had to provide a proof of new residence, because “We dont update our systems”. I informed the woman that would have been nice to know… 9 months ago when I moved !

    My oldest 2 children ride the same bus, the bus drops off the oldest and then takes the next child to her magnet school. Heaven forbid I need to pick them up early, i can never find my youngest daughter ! School doesn’t let out until 3pm, however the magnet children are dismissed as early as 215 !

    I feel your pain. At least it’s just one child, think of it that way. I have 3 schools, 3 PTA’s, 3 sets of fundraisers and pictures and after school activities. I never have a single free second, I write EVERYTHING down and I wouldn’t change it for the world =)

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