I Cannot Get Enough Sex

A woman asks if there's anything wrong with her intense sex drive.


I Cannot Get Enough Sex

Dear Amber: I can’t get enough sex, when does this become a problem?

Amber: Not being able to get enough sex isn’t a problem unless you’re unable to stay sexually monogamous when you want to be, or your genitals start getting calluses from too much stimulation. Aside from that, be happy that you have a nice robust sex drive. It’s not uncommon for women with high sex drives to be a bit taken aback because typically, we expect men to be the ones that want sex all the time. But in reality, women want it just as much. In a survey done by Glamour magazine, 40 percent of women said they wanted sex more than their man. So if you want sex more than your partner it’s completely normal. And times when he’s not in the mood, you can always masturbate.

The only thing I would pay attention to is that your drive for sex isn’t masking an unfulfilled desire for intimacy. If you feel like sex is the only time you feel close to your partner, or that the only time he shows affection for you is when you’re having sex, that’s a sign that there are other aspects of your relationship that need some attention. You should feel loved, desired and appreciated on a daily basis, not just in the bedroom. If you’re craving sex because you’re craving sex: Awesome. If you’re craving sex because you’re looking for validation of your guy’s affection: Talk to your partner about being more affectionate in day to day life.

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  1. I love SEX!!!! I been with my partner 2yrs next month and if he touchs me, looks at me, talk about sex, I am ready to go. I masturbate almost daily and if hes around during……….. TROUBLE FOR HIM AND MY BULLET(VIBRATOR)

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