I Got Botox at 35

And I'm going to get it again!
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A woman looking into a mirrorSince it was first used as a wrinkle reduction method by a Canadian dermatologist in 1987, Botox has become one of the most popular non-invasive procedures, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimating that 2.4 million people got the age-defying injections in 2008. And although it’s been thought of as a solution for middle-aged women wanting to zap away worry lines, Botox has become increasingly popular with younger people looking to slow down the effect of aging before deep crevices settle in.

With prices ranging from $350 to $500 for each area that is injected (the more injections you want, the greater the cost), Botox is a lot more expensive than even the priciest skin cream, but for me, the immediate positive results make a world of difference.

Some patients find the injections painful, but in my case, I felt that though the injections are definitely more uncomfortable than a facial, it’s nothing like going to the dentist. Botox doesn’t work on all types of wrinkles – only those caused by aging – so if you suffer from excessive sun damage then a laser peel might be a better solution. (Botox, like many other medical treatments or drugs, has been known to have side effects, including migraines – although, in some cases, it has actually cured migraines. It’s always best to check with your general practitioner before undergoing any specialized procedure.)

The latest trend is for ‘preventive Botox,’ where younger women start getting it to stop wrinkles from appearing in the first place. Botox isn’t a permanent solution but when performed regularly over time it’s thought to have a snowball effect and actually stop lines from ever appearing.

“It has definitely become more common to get Botox at a younger age,” explains UCLA facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley. “It is now seen as a prevention as well as a treatment…which is why people are doing it younger. The most common age now is for clients in their 30s, and when you do it on a regular basis you only need to get it every eight months.”

I’ve already made my next appointment.

Debbie Emery is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles who specializes in covering health and fitness.

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5 thoughts on “I Got Botox at 35

  1. I don’t know – I am still too scared to do Botox. I fear that the FDA will come out with warnings in about 10 years talking about the newly discovered ramifications of long-term use of Botox.

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