I Screwed Up, Now What?

A woman seeks advice on how to go about repairing her relationships.

What Would Debbie Do?

I Screwed Up, Now What?

Dear Debbie,

I have become caught in a love triangle of sorts, can you help me?

So a few months ago I met this shy guy, Shawn, who I have completely fallen for. I think that he likes me in return but I am not brave enough to make any advances. The label on our relationship is currently ‘close friends.’ My best friend has also begun to crush on Shawn’s friend, Jack — who is involved in a long-distance relationship. Well troubles started to arise when Jack begun flirting with me. Then in a situation that was heavily lubricated with alcohol, I woke up in Jack’s bed.

So I am really worried that my friend is crushing on a cheater but I cannot warn her – since I am the girl Jack cheated with – and I’m also worried that I have messed up any shot I have/had with Shawn. Is there any way I can fix this?

–Thank you, Synch or Swim

Dear Synch or Swim,

Really? Are you really asking me this question?

Synch, you already know the answer to this. You have COMPLETELY blown your shot not only with Shawn (if he even had an inkling to like you) but with your supposed “best friend.” Your actions have been so egregious, I can’t even see straight. I think you need to figure out what your motivation was/is, and reevaluate yourself in every way. Jack will surely tell Shawn, and both the boys will figure out that you’re no friend to anyone but yourself. Learn from this mess … and try and behave yourself. That’s what I would do.

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0 thoughts on “I Screwed Up, Now What?

  1. I hate when people use the excuse of alcohol for cheating. I have had my fair share of nights where I over drank and still my judgement has never been so impaired as to cross the line in that kind of way. There has to be emotion or desire before you even start drinking to land yourself in that situation in which case you were subconsciously fulfilling a fantasy. You had to know what you were getting yourself into.

  2. I completly agree with the coment above. You knew what you were getting into to. I think that you are selfish and that you were only thinking about yourself that night.

  3. What’s really ironic is that the author of this advice column is a complete fraud and phony. She was my closest friend for 4 years yet has been carrying on a sexual affair with my husband for most of last year. When caught in December she denied it. When confronted with irrefutable proof in January she still denied it and has assassinated my character in town in an effort to take the focus off her heinous behavior. She has NO business dispensing advice, at least not until she can follow it herself! Talk about despicable behavior — I am SPEECHLESS. Reading all her posts on this site is comical. What an absolute hypocrite. It’s pathetic. Well Debbie, before throwing rocks, you might take a look at the glass house YOU live in. Look in the mirror…if you can. “That’s what I would do!” LOL!

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