I Was The First Date From Hell

Five woman who say that they wouldn't even ask themselves out again
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I Was The First Date From Hell

Five woman who say that they wouldn’t even ask themselves out again

-Amy Levin-Epstein

Bad date

Dates – particularly first ones – are one of those life experiences that every woman must go through. Sometimes, they’re wonderful. But other times, going through the motions can be torture. Generally, we’d like to believe it’s the guy who is making the experience torturous. But we have to admit: sometimes we women play the part of an overzealous PR rep (the product being ourselves) and commit other related mating missteps. BettyConfidential found five women who were willing to share first date faux pas that are hilarious – and, incidentally, quite effective if you never want to see the guy again.

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Choosing Barf Over Him
I went on a blind date that was so boring. I was having a hard time getting rid of the guy. He just wouldn’t leave my side. I met up with some friends at a bar and of course he tagged along. I then had my friend pretend to be really drunk and make a big deal about needing to get out of there. I told him that I needed to take her to my apartment and take care of her. Of course he followed. Once we got to my place I had her pretend to be violently ill in my bathroom. She was making all these horrible barfing sounds so that he could hear it through the door and down the hall. I told him that I had dealt with this before and that my friend would probably be puking all night long. That finally convinced him to end the date. It’s the only blind date I’ve ever been on and I vowed after that never to go on another. Thank God for my friend’s acting skills!
Sarah*, 29, New York

Running a Background Check
I was driving to work and the driver of the red pickup one lane over beeped his horn. He was waving his phone and trying to get my number. My two thoughts were: a) How do you give someone your number when you’re driving? and b) Why would I give my number to some random guy on the street? At lunch I found a really sweet note on my windshield introducing himself and asking for a chance. I had a friend at the local police department run a check [on him]. My concern was that I didn’t know the guy and he wasn’t a friend of a friend. The background check came back clean. The only thing that came up … was that he had a lot of traffic-related tickets, violations, etc. I didn’t mention the background check to him, but I would have if a relationship had developed or we had gone on more than a couple of dates. I don’t think I would go out of my way to do a background check on a guy [again], but having a friend who can run [one] for me in a couple minutes makes it really easy.
Jane*, 23, Oklahoma

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  1. “He had a ponytail, was balding up front and had long zig-zaggy sideburns. His hair trends were fighting each other for domination and he had this giant Superman ring on.” LOLZ

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