I'm His Punching Bag

A woman asks why it is that her husband treats her like a verbal punching bag.


His Punching Bag

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why does my hubby of 20 years take his frustration out on me? He comes home in a crappy mood because of his job, but then about 10 minutes later he acts as if nothing happened. I can’t take much more of this; he’s really hateful most of the time.

Matt: Sounds like he’s got a rough job if he’s doing that every day. He may not be aware that he is taking things out on you. Talk to him about it in a diplomatic and non-confrontational way and explain how it is draining for you to listen to that so often – try to turn it into a positive opportunity. At the same time, also understand that he probably finds comfort in the fact that you’re a soundboard and are understanding of the challenges he faces.

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