I Need a New Plan of Attack

A woman seeks guidance on how to shop around her resume.

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New Strategy Needed

Dear Michele,

I have been using the Internet to apply for jobs in my field. I am getting no responses, I need a new strategy. I would like to find out how to take it to the next level as I have been looking for quite some time.


Dear Lookie,

Seventy percent of jobs are filled by personal referral. Yep, 70 percent. So, rather than sending resumes out to people you don’t know, why not shift your strategy to sending resumes out to people you do know? Go through your Christmas card list, your alumni directory, your speed dial, your neighborhood directory — is anyone already doing the kind of job you would like to have? Make sure you’re clear on what you want to do, then have a very short “elevator speech” which clearly tells other people what you want to do. Then, start talking to people you’ve identified. If you need help understanding this approach, get my friend Liz Lynch’s great new book Smart Networking (McGraw-Hill).

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