"I Saw The Plane Crash!"

An eyewitness account of watching the Hudson River plane crash

In Her Words

“I Saw The Plane Crash!”

From my window, I watched a miracle

-The Betty Editors

Hudson plane crash

We are all awed by the story of a plane crash with a happy ending. What was it like to watch it happen? Beth Schoenfeldt of Collective-E.com gives Betty an eyewitness account:

I live on 66th and Riverside Blvd in Manhattan and was working from home and on the phone. I looked up and saw a plane flying really low over the river. It was a fairly large plane. I immediately flashed back to 9/11 and knew something was wrong. It was either an attack on the city or it was crashing. I ran and got my husband, who also works from home and we watched it land in the water. It actually looked like a very smooth landing, like a sea plane.

It was surreal because it was so quiet. It seemed as if nobody but us noticed. At the same time we knew lots of other people must have seen it happen. We were relieved to see a door pop open and then see people walking out on the wing of the plane. Instantly, ferry boats started heading out to the plane. It seemed like forever (probably only 5 minutes) for them to get there and for helicopters and everything else to start showing up.

We turned on the news and it took maybe 10-15 minutes for it to show up on FOX and soon after on CNN. It was a strangely hopeless feeling, just wondering what in the heck we could do and there was nothing. Nobody to call, no way to help. Just watching and hoping people would be OK in the plane and the freezing water. I kept reliving it in my mind. Did that really just happen? It is hard for the mind to process, like watching the worst thing you can imagine but yet everything turned out OK. As a good friend Elizabeth Flavin said, “Use this as a reminder to be grateful for all that you have!”

Cheers to the pilot! What a hero!

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