I am Getting Mixed Signals

A woman asks why her coworker suddenly dropped her for another woman.


Mixed Signals

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: There is a guy that I work who has been really flirty since the day I started. One night he walked me home and he kissed me before he left. Since then he acts like it never happened, yet he started texting me recently making out like he wanted something to happen between us but not giving it away fully. Now I’ve recently found out he is going out with someone from work, and I’m gutted. I really like him, and I thought originally maybe he was putting it off because it would be awkward at work but I guess that’s not the case. This other girl is really not his type and I thought we could be really good together. What’s his problem? Please Help.

Avery: The guy you’re describing has a problem: He likes (at least) two different women at the same time, BOTH of whom work with him. Unless you’re okay with a guy dating two women from the same place of work, you should probably just ignore the guy and forget him. If he’s flirting with you while dating someone else, he’s just trying to keep you around for the future. If the other girl really isn’t right for him and they break up, and you are still interested, then you’ll be able to go out with him. Keep this in mind, though: You’ve already seen how he behaves with YOU when he has someone else who he’s dating. Why would it be any different if you were the main person? I think that you’ll always be guessing as to what’s going on with this guy when you’re not around.

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