I Am Attracted to a Colleague

A woman seeks advice about the best way to get to know a coworker whom she is attracted to.


Attracted to a Colleague

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been at my job for a few months and there is this guy that I’m interested in, but I am very shy. What is the best way to get to know him and let him know that I’m interested without making my work situation awkward?

Avery: The work/romantic situation is always a tricky one. If you want to take the risk, my recommendation is to make sure you attend work social events (happy hours, etc.) that he may be going to. That way you can begin to interact with him in a non-work environment, under the safety umbrella of it being a casual work thing.

Once you get to know him a bit more, you’ll discover his other interests (museums, movies, etc.) and you can casually suggest getting together to do one of those other things. His response to your suggestion will give you a pretty clear understanding of whether he’s interested in pursuing anything beyond a work friendship.

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