I Can't Stand this Baby-Brain Business!

One mother is losing it over dealing with a bum brain.

I’m Losing It

I Want My Brain Back!

Enough of this baby-brain business

-Julie Ryan Evans

confused womanToday I pulled out of my garage and got a few miles down the road toward my destination before I realized I forgot my cell phone. So back I went to get it … only it wasn’t inside my house; it was actually back in my purse, in the car I’d just left running in the driveway.

Since I got pregnant, these kind of ditzy, dingy, annoying things have started happening to me more and more frequently, and they’re driving me – type A, control freak, perfectionist – CRAZY.

I’ve forgotten to return phone calls and e-mails and send in bills, and I can never remember which remote opens the right door. I’ve forgotten friends’ birthdays (OK, I can’t actually blame that on baby brain, because I’m always bad at remembering those) and have been finding things in the strangest places … does anyone know what to do with frozen peanut butter?

I even forgot my son’s “All About Me” day at preschool – the one for which I was supposed to help him make a very special poster all about his favorite things, complete with pictures and other decorations. I live for this stuff, but instead I sent him to school empty-handed on his special day, because I simply forgot.

And while everyone says it’s baby brain and that I’ll regain my senses once the baby is born, I have my doubts. Sleepless nights, two children to keep track of instead of one, potty training AGAIN … I’m thinking I won’t see my REAL brain for another five good years!

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0 thoughts on “I Can't Stand this Baby-Brain Business!

  1. I too have this problem and if I don’t write things down– forget it- I can’t remember! I am actually concerned it will get worse….not better after after the baby is born!!!

  2. I’m convinced I have early onset Alzheimer’s. I can’t remember the names of actors, movies, or the people I go to dance class with. Amazing how we can all go back to work, pay our bills, function!

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