Why am I Still Single?

A woman asks why it is that she is still single.


What am I Missing?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: What do you look for in a girl? How can I impress guys? I’ve been single for basically my entire life; I dated one guy which was in 7th grade so it doesnt really count and I need a man’s help, so please help me with whatever information you can give me. Being single isn’t always as good as it seems, it’s rather boring. Thanks!

Steven: Unfortunately men are visual beings. So do everything you can to be as visually attractive as you can be. From your health/weight, to what you wear, to how you carry yourself. But ultimately who you are inside will shine through and give people their long lasting impression. So make sure you are as happy with yourself. Happiness is a very attractive quality. Also you may want to reach out to your close friends and get some honest feedback as to how you could attract a man. They may have some good advice to give. Even if their feedback may be hard to hear, at least by knowing the truth you can figure out a plan of attack on how to fix it.

I commend you for being willing to explore what you can do better. Finally, something my pasture said in church when relaying advice, his mom told his sister, “Men are like buses. If you miss one, just wait. Another one is on the way.”

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