I Keep Falling for the Wrong Ones

A woman asks why she keeps falling for the wrong men.


Falling for the Wrong Ones

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I am wondering why I consistently pick men who are unavailable.
They seem to either be involved with someone else, not interested, or too busy – yet I continue to stick around too long. My question is: Are these men simply void of emotion, or do they know how much they are hurting women?

Avery: The problem is not with the men; it’s with you. Clearly you know what your pattern is, and by your own admission you stick around too long. My suggestion to you is that you not stick around with men who are unavailable to you (whether it’s because they’re married, otherwise involved, void of emotion, or just plainly not interested). The men who you say are hurting women do not care about the women’s feeling; they care about their own.

It’s time for you to care about yourself enough that you don’t let yourself get into these situations. It’s also time for you to try some new ways to meet men – men who WILL be available in all the areas that are important to you.

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